Save Energy Consultants

Lighting & Energy Conservation Consultants


~~The proverb, “Knowledge Is Power”, is all too timely and relevant for our Energy Conservation Devices. It’s a philosophy that is our anchor and is central to our mission to help Americans save money by being more informed about their electricity consumption.

With rising energy prices, Americans today are constantly reviewing all ways they can lower their cost of living while still maintaining and living healthy lives. Whether for your residence, business, farm or industrial operations, it goes without saying that lowering electricity consumption is part of this mind-set.

Saving energy not only saves money and increases your efficiency, but it also offers wide scale benefit for the energy independence of our country.

Take Charge, Save Money! Do you realize how much your electricity costs? We are a leading provider of power efficiency solutions that lower electric bills by increasing your load factor, reducing energy consumption and enhancing system efficiencies while improving your Demand Control.